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First Class Footcare Podiatry

Cost of Treatment

New Patient 1st visit (General Treatment or Verrucae treatment of Cryosurgery)     £25.00
Return Appointment within 6 months                                                                                £20.00
Return Appointment 6 months plus for general Treatment                                           £22.50 

Saturday Appointments                           from                                                                    £22.50

New patients Home Visit                                                                                                      £25.00

       - subsequent Home Visit                                                                                               £22.50

Nail Surgery assessment ( First Appointment/Consent/Examination)                         £20.00

Nail Surgery Procedure ( 1 hour Appointment slot booked )

Surgical assessment on the day.
Administration of Local Anaesthetic.

Surgical removal of total nail / with or without phenolisation.                                                                                           Application of dressing with maximum of 6 re-dressings included.                           £140.00

Surgical removal of partial nail / with or without phenolisation.                                      
Application of dressing with maximum of 6 re-dressings included.                            £75.00

Orthotic Assessment                                                                                                                                                                     £25.00

Manufacture, supply and fit  mouldable orthosis                                                                                                                   £35.00

Manufacture, supply and fit Langer orthosis                                                                                                                           £20.00